Labor and Employment

Daniel Lenghea combines a deep understanding of business complexities with a high degree of legal and technical expertise in labor and employment laws and regulations. As a result, we have the in-house knowledge to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate needs, situations and determine the optimal answer or solution, enabling clients to focus on their work.

Daniel Lenghea has a long and distinguished record of success in understanding its client’s business needs and working to help find solutions. Daniel Lenghea thoroughly knows the law, and has an overarching interest in partnering with his clients to determine the most effective means within the law to accomplish their business objectives.

As a dedicated human resources and labor relations partner, Daniel Lenghea PA not only provides a comprehensive range of services in labor and employment law, but also acts as a trusted advisor. Daniel Lenghea regularly advise on a range of labor and employment matters, enabling the clients to more effectively manage their work forces, remain in compliance, and avoid litigation.

Daniel Lenghea PA offers comprehensive, experienced labor and employment-related litigation counsel and services.

All employees have a variety of basic rights in the workplace that have been established under federal and state law. When employee rights are violated, an employee may no longer feel comfortable in the workplace, and may be fearful of an abusive supervisor or of losing their job. An employee has the option to protect their legal rights, and Daniel Lenghea is here to help.

The following are common employment law violations:

  • Unpaid Wages
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Injury on the job

Business disputes are one of the costs of doing business, and business owners or managers usually face a disagreement at some time. Daniel Lenghea PA can assist you in effectively resolving your business disputes so that you can return to fully focusing on your business.