About Daniel Lenghea

Daniel Lenghea PA is a Florida law firm represented by Daniel Lenghea. Daniel is an United States Attorney who before being licensed in Florida was an International attorney in Romania. Daniel has the right to practice in both jurisdictions (Florida, and Romania) at all levels, including in the European Union. He is also an international arbiter being often requested to assist in international arbitration proceedings as he practices under the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bucharest.

With over 15 years experience in civil, common law, commercial, international contracts and arbitration, Member of Romanian Bar since 1998, Florida Bar since 2010, Federal District Court for Southern District of Florida since 2011, Daniel Lenghea and his team can assist you with professionalism and specific knowledge on several fields but mainly in the realm of business, litigation, criminal defense, and immigration.

Daniel Lenghea Miami Business, Criminal & Civil Law Attorney

Daniel Lenghea is a graduate of Bucharest University School of Law, he holds an MBA from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in International Relations, a Juris Doctor of University of Miami School of Law, and a graduate of Harvard Law School Executive Program Leadership in Law Firms.

Daniel Lenghea practices in the following areas of law:

BUSINESS LAW: start-ups, buy/sale of business, franchise, incorporation, registered agent, off-shore incorporation, business compliance, contracts, shareholder agreements, derivative actions, licensing, local government, general business litigation, venture capital, due diligence.

CRIMINAL LAW STATE AND FEDERAL: white collar crimes, money laundering, wire fraud, banking fraud, passport fraud, internet fraud, electronic device, illegal entry, identity theft, conspiracy, securities, medicare fraud, DUI, DWI, domestic violence, restraining orders, assault and battery, burglary, violation of probation, removal of probation, expungement of criminal record.

IMMIGRATION LAW, business visa, investor visa, E2, EB5, family green card, adjustment of status, consular processing, reentry permit, employment authorizations, extraordinary ability aliens, performer visa, fiancée visa, illegal aliens, Dream Act, illegal entry.

CIVIL & BUSINESS LITIGATION, personal injury, accidents, property insurance claims, contracts, debtor creditor, employment law, discrimination, harassment.

FAMILY LAW: contested and uncontested divorce, alimony, custody, visitation, child support

TRUSTS & ESTATE: High net worth planning, Florida land trust, privacy trusts, trust administration, complex estate planning, tax strategies.

REAL ESTATE: commercial transactions, due diligence, rental agreements, project development, zoning, commercial malls, industrial parks, office buildings, commercial construction/project financing.